Tuesday, March 23, 2010

365 Challenge

I decided last night to start a brand-spanking-new self-imposed challenge.  I have decided I’m going to cut “chain food” cold turkey for an entire year.  I’m tired of the squirts, yo.  For real.  But then practical thinking Walt had to throw in some questions about the “rules” of my chain-food ban.  I hadn’t thought such a ban would need rules.  But, alas, he was right.


Like, for example, he knows of Jed’s addiction to Starbuck’s and Sonic beverages (which he get 3-4 of each, each week).  So he wanted to know if Sonic was included in the ban.  For me, this is a simple “yes”, cuz I’m not much of a beverage man anyway, unless the beverage makes me loopy.  I’m just not a huge fan of the sodas.  But Jed, on the other hand, may die if he doesn’t get his two Sonic Route 44 drinks/day.  So since I said “chain-food”, I’m going to allow my boo to continue rotting his gut with artificial sweeteners, I’ll just abstain.  I cut that fucking whore, Starbuck’s, out of my life almost two years ago, so this won’t be an issue for me.  I will, however, have to insist that Jed get his coffee beverages from other sources, because there’s plenty of other coffee shops along the way to his office. 


What about LOCAL “chains”?  For you in the know, Austin has a great little sammich shop, “Thundercloud Subs”.  BUT, Thundercloud has SEVERAL DOZEN locations in the Austin area.  Amy’s Ice Cream…also another Austin favorite, BUT with multiple Austin locations AND NOW they’re branching into other Texas markets.  County Line BBQ, yes folks, it started here, but everyone and their dog has one in their location now.  Where do I draw the line with LOCAL CHAIN-FOOD?  This is simple for me.  Thundercloud, not a chain.  Amy’s, not a chain.  County Line, shitty chain.  I will allow for “local chains” as long as they don’t cross state lines.  PLEASE.DON’T.ANYONE.TELL.ME.THEY.HAVE.AMY’S.IN.ANOTHER.STATE.


The obvious chains, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, CiCi’s (vomit) will be easy for me to avoid.  There are so many better local alternatives.  I’m also going to insist that the ban on chain-food expand to while traveling.  This will put a huge dent in our rush-to-get-out-of-town grabbing a bite to eat in the car…but, I’m serious about supporting my local merchants and eating better (tasting) food.  


So all y’all bitches reading this outside of Austin (and Texas, for that matter), shoot me off some of your local favorites.  You never know when I may pop in for a visit.