Thursday, August 28, 2008

Seasons changing...again

This past year I have ditched the Jeep and the scooter (don’t laugh) for the bus.  It’s been a great ride, no pun intended.  I’ve saved a TON of money not having to pay for parking, gas, commuter insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses.  But with Adrian starting “big boy school” now, we’re having to switch things up a bit.

For the past year Jed has been taking me and the boys to daycare in the morning and then I would walk a mile to my office.  In the afternoons I would walk back to the daycare and then the three of us would ride the bus home.  But now Nathan has to get to school at 630 in the morning and Adrian’s school, 2 blocks from our house, doesn’t start until 730.  Jed now takes Nathan to daycare in the morning and I stay behind with the clown to take him to school.  While I LOVE riding the bus, the one problem I find with it is the schedules pretty much suck.  They’re SUPPOSED to run every 20 minutes on my route, but it never fails that one will run earlier than its posted time and the other runs later than its posted time.  For example: The NB #5 was SUPPOSED to get to the 16th & Lavaca stop at 403 pm yesterday afternoon.  I got to the bus stop at 400.  At 405 I realized I the bus had likely already passed and I would have to wait for the next one that SHOULD HAVE arrived at 417.  At 434 it showed up, and I was hot, sweaty, and ten-shades of bitter.  As a side note, living in a college town, when school is in session, there are 50,000 new residents a mile from my office and the traffic basically comes to a dead stop.  When school is out of session, my ride usually takes about 25 minutes (to go six miles north).  With all these adorable little students back in town, it takes much longer.  So yesterday I got to the bus stop at 400 pm and I got home (SIX MILES AWAY) at 517 pm.  RIDICULOUS.

While my work hours are MOSTLY flexible, I typically had worked 645 am to 345 pm.  Now that I’m taking Adrian to school I’ve had to do some adjusting to the schedule.  While I don’t mind working later, I don’t want to work TOO late because I’m also in school every evening from 700 pm to 945 pm.  I don’t want to work TOO much later in the afternoons, because I WOULD like to spend SOME time with my family.  Riding the bus after dropping Adrian off in the morning just isn’t an option anymore.

This morning I dusted off the seat on my scooter after dropping the kiddo off at school.  Riding down Lamar this morning having the wind blow through the hair of my eyebrows was an amazing feeling.  I had forgotten how cool the morning air is while hurling down the street on the back of a murdercycle at 40 miles an hour.  I miss my scooter.  My commute only takes me 15 minutes again, and I couldn’t be happier.