Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson touched me

I have to admit that I was touched by the passing of Michael Jackson yesterday. I was never really a fan of much of his music, but I recognized his talent. I’m having a hard time reconciling the public outpouring of sympathy and sadness right now. For years the American public has done nothing but ridicule and vilify Michael Jackson. The amount of “shock and sadness” being shown doesn’t seem to match the treatment he’s received from the public over the last 6 year. While I’ve never been a “fan” of Michael Jackson’s music, I’ve also never made any assumptions about the man throughout his life.

When I was 12 I was fortunate to see Michael Jackson perform in Dallas at the Jackson' Victory tour. My oldest sister, Dana, had gotten 4 tickets to the show and gave one of them to me and drove me down to Dallas to see him. I was awwwwwwwed by the spectacle of the show.

RIP Michael. I hope you're finally able to find some peace. I also hope your children are able to have some peace.


Daddy Files said...

Sorry, but I feel very little about the passing of Michael Jackson other than I truly believe a sexual predator has died.

Do I have proof? No. Just all the allegations and the untold millions in payoffs resulting from lawsuits. And dangling his baby over a balcony railing didn't help his cause either.

King of Pop or not, no tears are going to be shed in this corner of the Internet for Michael.