Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Juice is Loose (Day 1)

The prep work this week has included saying good-bye to my favorite things.  Not so much “good-bye”, as “see ya later, yo!”  I’ve also been easing (nay, pushing full steam ahead) on changing some eating habits.  For example.  Over the weekend Yesterday, at lunch, I gave up my beloved Lone Star (will be looking for a tattoo removal place soon).  I also, horror of horrors, gave up coffee had my last cup of coffee yesterday afternoon.  In a weird way, giving up coffee was a breeze.  I didn’t have a choice, really.  I forgot to take coffee with us when we went camping, so I didn’t have any the whole weekend.  Monday morning I just figured since I had already started I may as well carry on.  I got a headache in the afternoon, but nothing a little BC Powder couldn’t help.  Tuesday I was draggin’ ass all day, but the headaches stayed away.  Wednesday LATE AFTERNOON, I just decided to have one cup just for the hell of it. 

I’ve also eating a lot of fruit and veg this week and replacing some meals with straight juice.  I had fruit for Monday morning breakfast, juice for lunch, and dinner for dinner.  Tuesday I flipped it and juice for breakfast and juice for lunch and dinner for dinner.  Wednesday I’m having gruel for breakfast, lunch for lunch, and dinner for dinner.  Tomorrow, I *think* I’ll be prepared to go all juice all the time. 
Speaking of dinner, I’ve been saying ciao to things I know I’m going to miss.  Cheeseburger Sunday, Pho Monday, Enchiladas on Tuesday.  Oh, how I’ll miss thee tortillas and popcorn. 

I did the official weigh in last night and was pleased to see the tiny changes I’ve made in the last week had already started paying off.  Last week I was 241, last night I was 237.75.  YAAAAY juice.  Today the official program has started.  I’ve identified a couple of problems, in addition to the fridge space, that I hadn’t thought about.  I’ll see if I can work through them.  Mainly, doing the prep work for three of us.  I spent about 45 minutes last night making juices and did manage to make a bunch…but it wasn’t enough to get THREE people through the entire first day.  It was enough to get the three of us through the WORK day, but I’ll have to make more tonight for dinner.  I worry about my lovely CO though, cuz I don’t think she has her own juicer. 
For a little entertainment, I’ve thrown in a video of the official weigh in.  It took much longer than expected because I hit the wrong button, but at least you get to see me in my skimpy drawers for a minute and 42 seconds...if that's your thang.  I look a little bit like Kung Fu Panda, eh?


Walt said...

Thankfully you have hamster balls or you'd be starting off much heavier.

Kevin said...

Those are some awful cute drawers you got there