Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feeding a family for $20/day?

I recently read on MSNBC that some governor somewhere was trying an experiment where she was trying to prove the failures of the state’s food stamp program that only paid out $20/day for families. She was talking about how impossible it was to feed a family of 4 on $20/day. I’m curious what planet she’s from. My calculations put that at $608.33/month for a family of four, and for my family we’d be able to eat like kings for $608/month. MY family food budget (FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR…PLUS 2 dogs AND BEER FOR DADDY!) is a mere FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH. Sure, we don’t eat a lot of steaks…but if you’ve ever seen pictures of us, we ain’t starving either. Perhaps a better idea, rather than whining about how “impossible” it is to feed a family of four for $20/day, this governor needs to be educated on HOW to feed a family of four for $13.15/day. It CAN be done. It CAN be fun.

This MIGHT be the story I'm thinking about...


Southern Boy said...

Is Batter Blaster in that budget? ;-)

Nessa said...

Well, maybe she thought $20 wasn't a lot since Rachel Ray eats on $40.

Har har har!