Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blue Bonnet Cafe

We decided to put another check mark in our Texas Landmark Cafes book this weekend. Saturday evening for dinner we headed out about an hour and fifteen minutes southwest of Austin to a little place called Marble Falls to eat at The Bluebonnet Café.


The Bluebonnet has been in business since the 1930's and they offer up some really tasty southern home-cooking treats. And the pies! DID I MENTION THE PIES???


Jed and I really MUST drop the "you can't order that, I'M ordering that" crazy rule we have. Cuz what I REALLY wanted was the chicken fried steak! But that's what Jed wanted. I ASS U MED that since he ordered the 8 oz. (over the 4 oz.!) chicken fried steak that he intended to share. But, once again, I just made an ass out of myself!


Instead, I settled on Mom's Famous Pot Roast with buttered carrots, mashed potatoes, and fried okra.


Now, OBVIOUSLY I didn't hate my dinner:


However, I did have some things I didn't like. FOR STARTERS, when our waitress brought out our dinner, she brought mine and Jed's. Apparently the boys cheeseburger they were going to split wasn't ready yet. And it wasn't ready for a good ten minutes after she brought our food. Listen, when there are toddlers at the table, it's a good idea to maybe bring their food FIRST! Secondly, as good as everything else was, I was really shocked at how shitty their dinner rolls were. For reals, I've had better dinner rolls out of a can. BUT, fortunately, all the rest of the food made up for the shitty dinner rolls. Even Nate forgave the waitress by REALLY getting into his burger!


He's such a well-mannered kid…sometimes!


Bluebonnet Café, my love, I give you:



Kay said...

I effen LOVE their pie!!! I love the chocolate meringue, the lemon meringue, just about any of the meringue's and the pecan one.

And I love it that you finally went. Did you know if you sign up for their birthday club they send you a postcard for a free meal?

LK said...

Can you please send me a photo of you and all the boys having a Blizzard at the Dairy Queen Parker Posey worked in in Waiting for Guffman?