Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Wallet

So I was chatting with my dear sweet Kevin in Danbury this morning and shared with him an all true tragic story. Yesterday afternoon while at the market, my wallet, made of bacon, that I purchased during our summer vacation to NYC, literally fell apart at the seams. Every single thread on the wallet came apart. I was sad.

When I got home I took a look around to see what I could use as a new wallet. The empty Altoids tin had been used previously, but it's a bit uncomfortable to sit on. I couldn't find any binder clips, so that was out of the question. An envelope wouldn't last quite as long as the bacon wallet. I remembered that ADRIAN has THREE wallets. So I went to find one of his. The only one I could find was his "Tow Mater" wallet...and so I made it mine.


Walt said...

That's awesome!

Kay said...

I still have the pink & red wallet made of Duct tape that we fashioned during Arts & Crafts time at the bowling can borrow it. It's sad to remember that the bowling league was so horrendous that we resorted to crafty projects at the lanes for entertainment. Those bitter queens were quite the downer. Then again, I have a Duct tape rose and wallet.