Thursday, January 15, 2009

See no evil, hear no evil, TASTE NO EVIL

I’m developing a fondness for “restaurants” that aren’t traditional brick n’ mortar type places. Some of my most favorite places to eat lately have had axels and tires, and I’m actually okay with it, cuz the food is turning out to be pretty damn tasty. I think I may have written a post about Flip Happy Crepes last summer, but I couldn’t find it to link to this post. Perhaps I didn’t have my camera or phone with me when we went and it just wasn’t a photoblog? I KNOW I recently turned y’all on to Hat Creek Burgers. I used to love Torchy’s Tacos, but one of the dangers of loving a restaurant on wheels is they tend to move. Fuck you Torchy’s for hooking me on your crack filled breakfast tacos and then moving away from my office.

This morning I had to run down south to finish part 2 of what’s turning out to be a 3 part root canal. “My (F)reddy…what big teeth you have…”. On my way back to the office I was going to run into Maria’s Taco Express (as featured on the HIT television show DINERS, DRIVE-INS, and DIVES!!!) which, coincidentally, BEGAN as a restaurant on wheels. As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed a little painted up trolley car. My very first thought was it was homage to the original Maria’s (cuz (F)reddy never went there before today…despite being very popular!)…but then I noticed it was all lit up. And a very cute little woman leaned her head out the window and yelled at me “WE GOT MUFFINS”!


I’ll be honest. I first stopped and did the awkward “Uh, sorry if I parked in your lot…but I’m just running in and will be out in a second” dance move. But then I started feeling a bit Catholic for parking in this business woman’s parking lot with no intention of buying her goods. But then I started thinking, “Hmmmm, a muffin sure would make a good afternoon snack with a hot cup of coffee”. So I started walking closer to check out her menu to see what Taste No Evil Muffin Company had to offer. And, frankly, it didn’t even matter after I saw THIS:


I said, “Hon. You had me at ‘gay friendly’”. She said, “Yaaaaay…but, it should really say ‘constitution friendly’”.

So without even browsing too long at her choices, I just ordered my favorite type of muffin knowing that any muffin company worth its salt would have it.

And how was my BLUEBERRY MUFFIN? Let’s just say, the boy who doesn’t go south of the river except for root canals will be heading back south very soon for some more muffins.


Thanks Karisa…for leaning your head out the trolly and guilting me in to buying your merch. That’s just, well, evil.


Kay said...

I'm totally trying this place out tomorrow!!! It's even on my way to work. Yay! Oooh I hope she yells "we got muffins" at me, too.

LK said...

(p)hreddy loves to eat a muffin.

Walt said...

That muffin top looks tasty.

Do they have chocolate muffins? I want one and I want one now.

Ricky B said...

Flip Happy Crepes was on the Food TV Network. Bobby Flay challenged them to a crepe off. They won!

karisa said...

Hi Phreddy! Thanks so much for the post! I'm glad you loved your blueberry muffin, and I'll look forward to seeing you again soon.
I'll also be keeping up with your blog from now your style!
Hey Walt...we have a killer chocolate muffin called the Chocolate Sinsation its a chocolate muffin with chocolate chips. final clarification...
I didn't say it "should" be constitution opposed to gay friendly...we in fact ARE constitution friendly. I was just trying to let you know that if the gay friendly doesn't pull the people in, its the constitution friendly that does it. I like to think we're just pretty all around friendly.
I'll be hanging my head out the window yelling at people all day, despite the fact that I'm freezing my A$$ off so come on by.