Sunday, November 29, 2009

At the end...


I had every intention of doing a full-month worth of blogs to prove to Walt that I did, in fact, like to write.  I had to give up shortly before Fredmas eve because the folks came to town for a wonderful weekend of birthday celebrations (which included muh mommy’s, mine, Nathans, and Jed’s).  I simply couldn’t find a single minute in the day(s) to sit down and jot down a simple thought.  Work kept me busy during the day, school and the boys kept me busy in the evenings.  The following weekend Yai Yai came to town to celebrate Nathan’s birthday and I, again, found myself trying to find a second to breathe.  The visit with Yai Yai was a blast.  We got to take the boys to see the Longhorns play some team from up north.  Truth be told, I can’t even remember at this point because of the whirlwind of activity.  The very next weekend (this past weekend) we found ourselves in the car heading to Galveston for Thanksgiving.


OF I-45

We had a wonderful time in the gulf city, as always.  We arrived early Thursday morning, just in time to hop in the car again to head over to Jim and Carol’s for Thanksgiving dinner.  There was lots of family and friends.  The food was to die for.  There was not only turkey, but ham, pork roast, all the trimmings.  By my fourth plate of food I had to have Jed help me out of the chair.  There was a brief moment of excitement when baby Luke fell into the pool and Derek had to dive in after him.  I was just thankful it wasn’t one of my kids, cuz I had my good boots on.  We ate so much at lunch on Thursday that we didn’t eat for the rest of the day.


Friday morning Aunt Jan woke up at 4 to go “Black Friday” shopping with me.  The shopping excursion started off a bit of a bust…the first place we went to sold out of the main item we went for (I CAN’T TELL YOU, CUZ PEOPLE READ MUH BLOG!) and another item I went for, DESPITE BEING ADVERTISED IN THE HOLIDAY FLIER wasn’t carried by the store because they “don’t support T-Mobile anymore”.  I asked why they had it in their flier if they weren’t selling it and I never got a good answer.  We went to Wal-Mart next, where some filthy whore stole some items that I had picked up to buy when I set them down BY MY FEET to look through a bin of pajamas to find the right size.  Now, mind you, the items weren’t even anything good.  It was two board games for the boys.  But some lazy, fat, low-income, filthy whore was too fucking lazy to walk her lazy, fat, low-income, filthy whore ass pussy to the toy section and pick up her own games.  I fucking hate Wal-Mart and lazy, fat, low-income, filthy fucking, chlamydia dripping pussy, whores.


That morning we hit (in order) Sam’s, Wal-Mart, Game Stop, Best Buy, J.C. Pennys, Lowe’s, Target, Game Stop, Target, and T-Mobile (because Sam’s, DESPITE ADVERSTISING T-MOBILE PRODUCTS NO LONGER SUPPORTS T-MOBILE).  We had put in a full-days worth of work by 9 and were ready for a hearty breakfast.  We met up with the fam at El Gusto’s for lunch and then I went to Jan’s house to put together/fix everything we had just spent the morning shopping for.  Then I went home to Yai Yai’s to take a much needed nap.


That evening we all met up at Gino’s for a delicious dinner before heading over to Moody Gardens to see the Festival of lights and talk to Santa.  The boys are hopeful they’ve been good enough to get a visit from the old fat guy this year…but I aizn’t so sure about that!


We wrapped up our visit Saturday morning with breakfast at my favorite Island restaurant, Sunflower before loading up and heading back to Austin. 



I woke up at 4 this morning filled with dread and anxiety about the remainder of the year.  I have so much to do, yo, and I really don’t know how or even if I’m going to be able to get it all done.  I’m awesome and amazing at prioritizing, but everything I have, really, is a priority at this point.  In no particular order:

·         I have two major projects at work that, really, should have been done last week.

·         I have to decorate the house for Christmas with the boys today.

·         I have an appointment with all of Nathan’s therapists at school on 12/1.

·         I have a final drafting assignment due 12/5.

·         I have a birthday party that Adrian has to go to 12/6.

·         I have my final exam in Texas State and Local Government due 12/7.

·         I have my final exam in another one of my classes due 12/11.

·         Two more final exams that same week (now that I think of it).

·         I have to do all my effing Christmas shopping.

·         I have my work Christmas party.

·         I have to make sure my children are happy and well-adjusted.

·         I have to figure out what the fuck I’m going to do with them while they’re out of school for the “winter break” which seems like the entire month of December and half of January.

·         I have to help plan and facilitate Adrian’s school “winter party”.

·         I have to drive to the Oklahomas for the holidays.

·         I’ll have to, at some point, pay some bills, do the grocery shopping, mow the yard, exercise, and take Jed’s fucking car to the fucking tire shop and have a fucking nail pulled out of the fucking new tire(s) that I had to fucking by in fucking Galveston this weekend because I had a fucking blow out (I forgot to mention that above, didn’t I?).


I feel like I’m at the end of my rope, but at the same time I love this time of year being reminded of how thankful I am that I have two wonderful kids, a wonderful finger puppet, lots of great family, and two stinky dogs.


I may be silent for the next two weeks (you should be used to it by now!), but I’ll drop in when I can.  Hope y’all had an amazing Thanksgiving.


Walt said...

"I fucking hate Wal-Mart and lazy, fat, low-income, filthy fucking, chlamydia dripping pussy, whores." That sums up two things for me. One, my feelings on Wal-Mart in general and Two, exactly why I [heart] the shit out of you.

Joseph said...

Well, THAT explains the lack of tweets from the ever-slim Puh-Freddy. Stay strong sweetie. You have been a fantastic Dad.It'll all work out, hopefully without you passing out.