Thursday, November 12, 2009

On the twelfth day of Fredmas my true love gave to me


Thursday night can only mean one thing, the weekly weigh in.  I hit the scale at 187.6 tonight, which was another 1.6 pound loss.  So it appears that I’m slowing down on my weight loss, and that’s okay.  My ultimate goal, despite what I jokingly said earlier (that not one of you commented on!), is 175 pounds (NOT 140, as I previously stated!).  175 will be a few ounces over a 50 pound loss, and I thinks that mo plenty. 



I want to date Tim Gun.  He looks hot in a suit and apron.  



Can anyone tell me the secret to making soup in the crock pot that has potatoes in it and it cooks for over 8 hours?  This is the second time that I’ve made a soup (last night was vegetable beef) that the potatoes aren’t cook, at all.  Everything else is cooked, but the taters are hard as a rock.  WTF?



I wish I could, but the folks are coming tomorrow and I’ve got to get my house clean. 


Ericka23 said...

Cut your potatoes smaller and they should be fully cooked when the soup is done. I make roast in the crock pot all the time and I've found if I don't cut the potatoes small enough they don't cook all the way.

Glad to see you're blogging again. :)

Ericka23 said...

Oh and damn, you're looking good! Way to go on the weight loss!