Sunday, November 1, 2009

On the first day of Fredmas, my true love gave to me...

I cannot believe another month has flown by and there’s only two months left to the year.  You know what that means, folks?  Yes, Fredmas is coming up quicker than you can say “do me, daddy”. 


This may be confusing for those of you who may already think I’m 39, but this will be my last official year of the thirties as I look ahead to the big 40.  I really can’t explain why, or how, I started aging myself up on my birthdays, but I’ve done it for longer than I can remember.  It drives Jed bonkers, but it’s just how I do.  I will officially be 39 this year, though…as always, the day after my birthday I will hold myself out as 40. 


I can’t tell you how forward I am looking to my 40’s.  The growing older thing doesn’t scare, or bother me, in the slightest.  Every decade I survive is better than the previous decade and it gives me nothing but hope for the future decades.  I see my life going nowhere but up.  Here’s how my decades have compared:


My teens were all about decadence and debauchery.  I don’t remember much about it, but I worked crappy jobs for crappy money to eat lots of crappy food and sneak in to my favorite bars with my crappy fake ID.


In my 20’s I began my professional career.  I made my money and spent my money like crazy acquiring “stuff”.  Stuff I thought I needed, such as music CDs, movies, books, etc., and sensible stuff, such as household furnishings.  I wasted my money on apartment rentals and worked to be able to afford happy hours and meals out with friends.  Somewhere along the way I stopped wasting money on rent and started buying and fixing up houses.


I spent my 30’s continuing my career, refocusing on it at times.  In fact, I’m in a position of clarity in that regard right now.  I grew tired of revolving and credit debt and figured out a plan to get rid of all my debt and pay myself, rather than pay credit companies.  I watched my savings soar and created my dream family. 


I have high expectations for my 40’s.  I know I can’t plan out what’s going to happen, but I have feeling of wonder and amazement as I look ahead.  Coming up in the next 11 years Adrian will be hitting SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, Nate will be hitting FIFTEEN.  Adrian has already started talking about his “girlfriend” and how she likes to “mouth kiss” (something I’m SO not ready to discuss yet!).   Big, exciting changes are coming.  And I’m ready to embrace whatever life has to throw at me. 


So happy first day of Fredmas, I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.


Anonymous said...

I'm a few months ahead of you, I'll be 40 at the end of May next year. I really am not looking forward to turning 40.
But alas we cannot stop time. I'll have to deal with the cards I've been dealt like every other obstacle I've had in my life.

Much well wishes and don't slow down. I'll raise a glass for you on your 39th.

Brian in Danbury

karisa said...

Nice to see a blog coming our way. Miss these. Can you please teach me how to get rid of my debt....does that require a job/paycheck? Ugh. On one thing though I'm in full agreement...getting older doesn't scare me either, and like you...each decade is better than the last....bring it on world. Love ya.

Walt said...

Forty didn't scare me. I was kind of looking forward to it. But no one told me everything starts falling apart on your body when you hit 40. Just beware! Otherwise, my 40s have been fantastic.