Monday, November 2, 2009

On the second day of Fredmas, my true love gave to me


Fall is always a mixed bag for me.  I totally dig the temperature change, and love being able to cook my all time favorite meals: Soups, chilis, and chowders.  One of the things I hated the most about dating boys from the south was the whole soup thing.  They just didn’t *get* it.  They didn’t understand the concept of soup.  Fortunately, Jed *got* it.  I love the traditional Chicken Noodle Soup (muh daddy makes the best) and my all time favorite soup is Split Pea (feel free to gag silently).  Since moving to Texas, I’ve become a huge fan of Chicken Tortilla soups (MANY varieties to choose from), and lately I’ve been experimenting with different “baked potato soup” recipes (not heart healthy, of course).  I loves me a hearty, meaty bowl of hot delicious soup, and a big old heaping helping of spicy chili, with rice, of course.  The rice is a new thing that Jed introduced.  I was a bit skeptical, at first, but am whole-heartedly a fan.


So I get to eat my delicious soups, again, but this darn time change has thrown me for a loop.  I suppose I should be happy with my “extra hour”, but frankly, I’m not.  It takes me forever to get adjusted to it, and I think the kids are totally oblivious to it.  Sunday, for example, they still got up at their old standard 630, but in reality it was 530.  I tried running around town to work on some of my errands, but nothing opened for a good 4 hours later and I just found the whole morning wasted.  My biggest complaint is that it gets so dark so early now.  I thought the purpose of daylight savings time was to afford us more daylight hours?  It makes no logical sense to me to have the extra daylight so early in the morning when I’m still waking up.  What’s wrong with driving to work when it’s dark outside (HAHAHA!  I said “driving to work”!  As if!) and then having some extra daylight at the end of the day when I’m fully awake?  I think the asshats that came up with this plan got it all backwards.  I think we should Fall forward and Spring back giving us more daylight at the END of the day when it is more useful and beneficial.  As it is now, I’m ready for bed at 6 in the evening when the sun goes down.  How can THAT be a good thing?



Has anyone else noticed lately the trend in crappy electronics?  I’m thrilled the prices on things are coming down to where things are affordable, but at the cost of dependability?  Jed and I were watching a movie on the DVD player this weekend in the living room.  A little over 2/3 of the way into the movie the DVD player crapped out, so we moved it to the bedroom.  I’ll be go to hell if 10 minutes later the DVD player in the living room crapped out.  Seriously?  What the hell is wrong with this stuff?  It’s not like they’re crappy brands.  I mean, Phillips?  Didn’t they used to be good?  I guess the good news is they only cost us, like, 40 bucks each.  But it’s not just the DVD players.  Everyone who knows me knows I’m on my 5th laptop in under two years.  I had to buy the one I’m using now at the end of the summer semester because the one I had purchased for the spring semester had started failing (monitor malfunction).  Since I needed a computer to finish up my school work, I purchased another one so that I could send the ONLY THREE MONTH OLD ONE back to be fixed and wouldn’t be computerless while they repaired it.  I gave the almost new one to Jed to replace his old one when it got back from being repaired, and NOW I’M HAVING ISSUES with my NEW one.  I realize I only paid $300 for it, but shouldn’t it last more than SIX MONTHS?  Is that the attractiveness to the new lower prices of these things?  Disposability? 



For those of you in states that matter, I wish you the best of luck tomorrow.  PLEASE get out there and vote, even if you don’t think the issues apply to you.  Don’t sit back and let others vote for you and think that someone else is going to take care of your needs.  PLEASE get out there and vote.