Thursday, April 17, 2008

What good is having children if they won't do your laundry?

I will admit that there is a very small part of me that is looking forward to the day that Adrian and Nathan learn the value of a dollar for a hard days work. I don't have a dishwasher, and this isn't really a problem for me right now. However after we have guests, or a party, the clean up can take hours washing everything by hand. Adrian isn't even 4 yet, and we have already taught him that when he is done with dinner, his dishes go in the sink. I've already purchased a little stool for him to be able to reach the sink better. The idea behind the stool was so he could brush his teeth at the bathroom sink with us, but its the perfect height for the kitchen sink too. It's just a matter of time before he’s completely ready to tackle the dishes on his own. I think by 5, hell be a solo practitioner.

For both St. Paddy's day and Easter I taught him how to make decorated cookies. He did a GREAT job, and they were delicious. The highlight of the cooking experience was when I had him place the cookies on the plate and single handedly serve our guests we had over for dinner. He was so cute, and didn't drop a single cookie. The boy definitely has skill.

My son is half-Hispanic for those who don't know. I don't want any comments about how I'm importing cheap labor, etc., etc.. But...the other thing I'm looking forward to is him learning a trade, like yard work. Last weekend Jed was gone and I had the boys for the afternoon. I had to do the yard work, but what does one do when you've got a toddler and an infant that you're keeping an eye on? You teach them a trade. I know there are many people who think this is wrong with a capitol "w", but look at my little cholo. Does he look unhappy to you? No. I'm just preparing him for the years of hard labor ahead. I realize yard work is dangerous, so I'll wait until he’s 5 or 6 before I turn him loose in the yard.


I'm looking around the house looking for other things they’re perfectly capable of doing. Folding laundry helps with eye/hand coordination and fine motor skills. It also helps with cognitive exercises by fine-tuning their sorting skills. I'll save this for Nathan, because I don't think it's fair to let Adrian have all the fun.


After the boys perfect their housekeeping skills, we'll be able to get rid of our housekeeper, Tracie. Well be able to use half the money we currently pay her to pay off the kids and have a little bit left over for some things that really matter, like a beer for daddy, or a comic book for poppa. I'm not saying I expect FREE labor. I will pay for services rendered. I don't want to take advantage of my kids.

I wish I could type some more, I have plenty to add, however my shoulders are getting sore and it's very close to Adrian’s bedtime. He needs to get working on them before he falls asleep. Let me know if you need anything done around the house. Caustic chemical clean ups in the garage? Asbestos removal? I won't charge y’all too much to borrow them.


RambleRedhead said...

I remember as a kid that my dad use to say well I am glad when you kids get older and you can do some stuff around the house! Pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, doing the dishes and my folks loved how we would argue about who gets to do them at family dinners etc. Ahhh good times!

Your kids are just adorable!

Walt said...

I swear the only reason my parents had kids was to wait on them hand and foot or to be their live in slaves. It pisses me off to no end when Ken expects the same of me. He's got two fucking legs that work.

Your son is fucking adorable.

Southern Boy said...

Kids so cute! Can they come walk my dog for me?