Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I got soul, but ain’t a soldier

Following my colossal failure of “forgetting our anniversary” last year, I had to make up for it…big.  Fortunately the Boo’s birthday immediately follows the anniverserarium and, also fortunately, tickets for The Killers went on sale the same day, as did their newest album.  I think my forgetfulness paid off?  The Boo was happy.

Last night was the concerto.  It was late for A) me, B) a school night, and C) me on a school night.  There was a time I could stay up until midnight on a…well, any night of the week.  But…

Nonetheless, we had a great time at the show last night.  The evening started with M83.  They were a throwback to the 80’s techno synth pop bands.  Which I mostly enjoyed back then.  But I had one big problem with M83.  There were two synth-keyboardist in the band, a chick and a dude.  Presumably the dude was the lead singer?  I have no idea, because he had a hoodie on the entire performance (in TEXAS, yeah) AND, most insultingly, the keyboards were facing each other …and not even facing the audience…for THE ENTIRE PERFORMANCE.  At first I threw it up there to “schtick”…awwwww, how cute.  They’re singing to each other.  But after the third performance of the two of them facing each other, and not the audience, I got annoyed and wondered if the two of them even realized there was an audience.  It’s a shame too, cuz, apparently, the lead singer is a hottie.  Not that anyone in the audience would know, cuz he looked like The Hunchback up on stage with his hoodie and our side-view perspective. 


Next up came The Killers…and they just put on a heck of a stage show.  Brandon Flowers was quite the crowd worker.  I don’t get the whole feathered shoulder pads though.  I really felt that Brandon’s performance was 1000% better than the douche-nozzle behind me who was VERY ENTHUSIASTICALLY yelling along to EVERY song.  He even got most of the lyrics right.  I was worried I wouldn’t know much from their discography (cuz, honestly, The Killers is Jed’s bag, not my own!), but surprisingly I knew well over 3/4 of the set(s).  I guess I can hear a lot better than I thought I could.  A great evening, for sure, but the morning came a few hours too early for me.  I know I’m going to pay for it today.


LK said...

See? I told you they were good. I didn't think I knew any of their songs when I saw either but knew most of them when I heard them. Are they sneaking into our homes at night and making us listen in our sleep? If so, why don't they take their pants off and stay a while?

Kay said...

I 3> the Killers. Glad you had fun even if you had screamer dude behind you. And the opener....weren't they are this past ACL Fest? Or maybe I'm dreaming that.

Kay said...

Okay, I'm so uncool. I meant to say "I <3 the Killers." lol

Walt said...

So jealous. So very jealous.

Corcor55 said...

Love the killers! We were lucky enough to see them in Cologne when they were on tour last year in Germany. Awesome show. They sound so good live...and the little one that dances is a cutie...brandon....ahhh

Oh - and the douche - nozzles, as you so beautifully put it, are the same even in another language!

I'll have to tell you sometime about how the girl who tried to push her way to the front where I had been standing for hours, and I, got into a shoving match, and the german lesbian giants who helped protect me!!! LOL!!