Friday, February 13, 2009


So I’ve had to keep this post on the DL for a couple of days, but I can finally come out of the closet!!!  I had mentioned a few days ago about the contest being run over at Dad Blogs DOT com???  Well, Joeprah went ahead and submitted my name into the contest for my blog about my super amazing boo and how fantastic he thinks I am.  On Monday Joeprah held the drawing for the winners…and little ol’ me was one of the five!  Now, I realize that this probably diminishes the lovely “One-Two PUNCH” I had delivered to the boo this week, cuz after he reads this he’s going to full-on realize that I didn’t throw down the cash.  BUT, he got ta got ta got ta realize that if it weren’t for him being such a sweet angel butt, I wouldn’t have been inspired to write about him and his many flaws.  Like I said in my completely romantic card to my kitten, “Boo, I LOVES YOU MORE THAN SOAP”! 

There were some great reads in the contest.  If you’re interested, feel free to check out the other wieners, Ben Spark, Twin Pop, New Dad Blog, and Charlie.  Another BRILLIANT read is from my dear friend, Anita over at Angelnina’s Cottage.  If you’re not reading her, regularly, you need to be.  She’s an amazing woman.  What I wouldn’t give to have her and her husband, Mark, adopt me and the boys…(but then I think that’d make Adrian and Nathan her grandchildren, and I don’t think she’s ready for that just yet). 

It was Anita’s post that got me to thinking about what a douche-bag I am when it comes to the whole “romancing the bone” thing.  See, Jed tells me all the time that a steaming pile of shit is more romantic than me.  I think I used to be romantic.  I mean…I had to win him SOMEHOW, didn’t I?  (Incidentally, I know EXACTLY HOW I won him…but that’s HIS story to tell!)

There was one year, I’d have to check my passport for sure, that I surprised him with a trip to London for Valentine’s Day.  I thought that would be a wonderful and amazing surprise…and, perhaps, it would have been a little more romantic if I had not brought his mother along with us.  BUT…

We were able to spend that Valentine’s day in Bath, U.K., following a tour of Stonehenge, at Sally Lunn’s.  Now, much like the US, if you’re in the UK and forget to make a reservation for Valentine’s Day, you’re shit out of luck.  PARTICULARLY, since, UNLIKE the US, in Bath, UK, at 6, the town is boarded up and there is nothing open in town except for, maybe, two pubs and Sally Lunn’s.  When we had checked into the hotel I gave Sally a call (not the original Sally, cuz she died, like, 300 years ago).  The hostess actually laughed at me when I asked if we could get in for dinner that, Valentine’s, night.  And for a Brit to laugh, you either gotta be really, really funny, or really, really stupid, because British people just don’t have a sense of humor…about anything. 

So, without saying anything to Jed and his mom, and his best friend, Amy (did I mention I also brought his best friend along as a surprise?), we all started walking to the town center, towards Sally Lunn’s.  I’ll be damned if I was going to let an uptight little Brit ruin MY plan.  (And Americans say we ain’t “brutish”!)  I didn’t even pretend that I had called…we just walked over like we HAD reservations.  AND-IT-WORKED!  We walked in the front door and the hostess asked us what name our reservation was under.  I said, “Oh!  I didn’t think to make one, is tonight something special”?  (AS IF Sally Lunn’s was just somewhere I’d think to eat on a whim, like What-A-Burger.)  The man looked down her nose at me and said, “Sir, if you’ll just give us a few minutes I’m sure we can accommodate your party”.  And accommodate they did!  The dinner was quite tasty…as tasty as you can have with boiled potatoes and, well, you know, ENGLISH food.  What I was MOST excited about was the heart shaped “bun” (or, BREAD) that they gave each table after the meal.  Had I realized that Europeans didn’t use any sort of preservatives in their cooking an the bread had a shelf-life of about 20 minutes I wouldn’t have SAVED IT for the next day.  Because, seriously, the next morning you could have used it to prop a door open.  A HEAVY DOOR.

The following year, figuring I had done my “romantic deeds” for the decade with the trip to London I opted to do nothing.  BESIDES, WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO BE “THE GUY'”!  Ummmmm, lemmee tell ya, that was the wrong choice!

Last year we had a fairly decent Valentine’s day dinner too.  I took the boy to the Blue Star Cafeteria.  Now, I assure you that just because it has the word “cafeteria” in the title AND the woman on the front page of their website is wearing some tragic bo bo shorts, it ain’t like a Lubby’s or a Furr’s type of cafeteria.  It was DE-LISH.  It wasn’t London, but hey…I made an effort.  Once again, though, I screwed it up by making it a double date night with some other homo dad friends of ours.  I just figured sharing a babysitter would be nice, eh? 

This year we’re spending Valentine’s day in Galveston for Mardi Gras…ahhhh, bromance.  Island resort, sand, surf…the smell of petroleum from the gulf, half the island still a construction nightmare from Hurricane Ike, oh, and Jed’s family!  The good news is there’ll be someone that can babysit the kids while Jed and I go out for an amazing seafood dinner…alone!  Like I said, I won 70 bones from Dad-Blogs for ProFlowers.  They had a cool gift called the “One-two punch”.  One day flowers were delivered…and the very next day a 1/2 dozen chocolate covered strawberries were delivered with some “conversation heart” frosted butter cookies.  Awwwwwwww.  Ain’t I sweet?  Jed called me yesterday after getting the flowers and left a voicemail that sounded more like a question: “Uhhhh, (F)reddy?  I just got…flowers?  Ummmmmm…thanks?  They’re really pretty?  Uhhhhh…I love you?”  It was said more in a manner of “Why are you leaving me?  Are you dying?” than anything.  It was really cute.

And what did (F)reddy get?  Cashews and a sweet coffee mug from my favorite monsters, a iTunes gift card, and an opportunity to spend the day with my truly fantastic family.  And, for reals, I wouldn’t want anything else.


Nessa said...

Congrats on winning the contest! I hope you and papa Jed have a fabulous valentines day!

Kevin in Danbury said...

Well Deserved win I might say.

Hurrah for you and FP!

Anonymous said...

Can we see pics of the just dessert

Kay said...

You do create wonderful surprises. Some years, though, haven't exactly been romantic. But the flowers and sweets are a great touch this year! Congrats on the win and for making Jed feel special!

Enjoy G'town...tell Yai Yai hi from me.

Angelnina's Cottage said...


I'm happy my blog contributed to Jed's Valentine Day surprises ;)

For the record...I got a box of chocolates, AND Mark has consumed most to them. The bastard.

Mark and I are totally ready for grandkids! BRING IT!