Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pass me another Sam Adams, please


As reported (LIKE WILDFIRE) yesterday, the BOY that would have Sam Adams’ career be over has posed nekkid for Unzipped magazine.  (RELAX!  The link is for the story, not the spread!) 

I’m not saying Sammy boy wasn’t in the wrong here.  I mean, his May/December breauomance, at his age, is similar to me dating, say, well, a much younger and legally blind “18-year-old”.  And I ain’t saying that Beau wasn’t 18 when they started.  Hell, it wouldn’t have mattered if Beau was TWENTY when it started.  There’s a HUGE difference between, say, 55 and 35 compared to 45 and 18.  One makes you say, “Look at that cute couple”, and the other says, “I wonder how much money and/or power HE has”?  BUT THAT’S STILL not where Sam Adams went wrong.  It showed a horrible (desperate) lack in judgment, but it’s not anything he should lose his job over.  Who of us HASN’T dated someone much younger than themselves (or in one of your cases BEEN the much younger person!!!!)  Where Sam Adams failed, miserably, is the cover up.  The lie.  The “PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T SAY ANYTHING”.  But where he failed even more was his judgment in Beau Breedlove’s character. 

So this “anonymous” person has come forward and is denying Beau was 18 when the relationship started.  Is it any coincidence that this anonymous person is coming forward AROUND THE SAME TIME Beau is going to be showing his Bo in a magazine?  Hmmmmm (Beau) I (Beau) wonder (Beau) who (Beau) this (Beau) anonymous (Beau) person (Beau) could (Beau) be (Beau)?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m TOTALLY going to buy the magazine.  I mean, look at him!  Honestly though, I’d MUCH rather see Sammy boy…and I wouldn’t go running my mouth off about it either!  (For reals Sam!  Have your people get in touch with me…my email addy is right over there --->)


I sort of feel like Sam is a (stupid) victim (as well here).  Don’t get me wrong.  I TOTALLY think Beau is a victim too (snicker).  I mean COME ON.  You’re a 45 year old man and this “18-year-old” with a daddy complex comes up to you and says, “Hey man.  I’m totally into older dudes who’ve let their waste lines fall to the wayside.  You’re hot, do me”.  It’s gotta make you feel good, right?  I mean, I know my boo thinks I’m everything AND the bag of chips, but I KNOW he doesn’t still see me as the rock hard (BODY!) guy he met some 10 years ago.  Hell yeah if some 18 year old said to me, “You’re hot”, I’d take my glasses off and smile.  BUT…the difference between me and Sam is (F)reddy doesn’t think with his (F)red (anymore) and would be able to realize that the Boo had put him up (or paid him) to flirt with me to make the old guy feel better about himself.  (Not to mention (F)reddy doesn’t wear glasses either!).  Maybe Sam was having a low self-esteem day when Beau walked into his office (in his speedo, above) and Beau MADE Sam fall inside him?  Who am I to judge?  Does it speak volumes about Sam’s ability to pick a mate?  ABSOLUTELY.  Does it affect his ability to run a city?  ABSOLUTELY NOT. 


karisa said... true hasbian form..
I do not want to see EITHER of those men naked.

Walt said...

I think I like my blissfully not up on current events world. I had no idea who Sam Adams was (other than that dude that makes the beer) and so I just googled this, mainly looking for more nekkid pics of the jailbait. The only other one I saw was one where it looked like someone jizzed on his chest. Drrrrty.

Anonymous said...

I just feel bad for Adams. He made the classic gay mistake but has been an awesome mayor for Portland. Just to give this article a little more balance, I wanted to show he's done some good things for the gay community, too. There's the Portland Mayor Sam Adams Youtube channel. It has some good stuff, as does the Twitter page for the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Oops I totally got that link wrong. THIS is Portland Mayor Sam Adams YouTube Channel. Sorry. The other one is his Facebook!