Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Challenge Day 23

On the road again...

Hit the road today to pick up my baby and spend a few hours with family before heading back to Austin to celebrate the holidays at home. It tears me up to see my beloved Galveston still in ruins. I know it'll be back, in time...I just hope the folks down there can hang on til it does. We stopped at Gaido's for dinner the second we got in town. This is one of my few favorite places to eat in Galveston. On a normal night there's a good 45-60 minute wait to get the best Gulf seafood. Tonight we were one of five tables inside the restaurant. I REALLY hope the island can hang on.

I loves being with "my" family, even if they're technically Jed's family. It's good to be here, but I'm most excited about my once-a-year job tomorrow night and the huge pay off Thursday morning in the form of smiles and joy.

Sorry so short folks, but this typing a blog on a cell phone thing is a bitch.