Thursday, December 4, 2008

December Challenge Day 4

Not for you folks reading this on MySpace, but since I’ve been cross-posting over on Blogspot, this applies to y’all. The rest of you can skip ahead.


Regarding Teddy. 4 of you would like to see me shot. This hurts. . 5 of you think he’s hot enough to nut on. YAAAY us!!! 8 of you are into horse-sex. That’s disgusting. You know you can die from that shit, right??? And 3 of you need to get off the interwebs and watch some news every once in a while.

I’ve posted a new poll (again, over at blogspot) for you to participate in. You only have 5-days, so snap-snap.

B, as in…


This saddens me a little bit.

Tuesday evening I ran by the school to drop off my “A-paper” and to see if my B-paper had been accepted. Class starts at 705. When I walked in the door I was SHOCKED, I tell you, SHOCKED, to see the professor sitting at the desk in the front of the room with ONE other person sitting in the class. And the other boy in the room wasn’t even from MY class, he was from a DIFFERENT class making up time. There were, at the beginning of the semester, 27 people in my class. As I was digging through the pile of manila folders looking for mine I said, “Did all the others just stop coming”? And he said they had. He said the majority of the class was fine with the C’s they had gotten and didn’t care to pursue a B or even an A. I found my folder and was happy to see “B paper accepted 12/02/08” written on the outside. What this means is NOW the minimum I’ll get for the class is a B. IF my A paper is accepted, then I’ll end up with the A. But what this also means is that kids today are fine with being “average”. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU STOP AT A C WHEN YOU HAVE FOUR WEEKS OF CLASS LEFT? Is it laziness? Or do they just not care? A “C” for me is unacceptable.

ANCIENT history:
I have a history test tonight. Have I mentioned how much I hate history? I wonder how miserably I’ll fail it tonight. With any luck I’ll get a C…and I’ll be happy with that! (Pot/Kettle) ROCKS SOCKS:
I’m done with ALL of my Christmas shopping. I did it all in about 20 minutes on and was able to get free shipping AND “the best prices”. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the packages to arrive so I can wraps my pressies…and study for my test.

Mmmmmmm, gurl, you twisted:
I’m ALMOST ashamed to say this out loud. One of my stalkers posted a tweet the other day about the Twisted Sister Christmas album. I thought he was joking. He said it was “actually good”. I KNEW he was joking. BUT then I found it in my GuyTunes store…and I clicked on the sample links. AND I’LL BE GO TO HELL it WAS good. So I bought the Twisted Sister Christmas Album and it’s my new favorite album of 2008. Merry Christmas yo, for reals.



LK said...

The children don't want to think, don't want anything different, don't want to be singled out or special. They just want to be plain ole beige-y bland.

Nessa said...

Mr. Klye just said pretty much what I was going to say.

good for you for getting the B and trying for the A, I know it will happen.

I need to look up some twisted christmas tunes now. I am intrigued.