Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Challenge: Day 2

For those who follow me on the Twitters, just skip to the next section. But I have to write about the redneck racist in my class (the woman with the “colored friends”) for the benefit of the people not cool enough to be on Twitter. Last night’s Algebra class was a bit brutal. I can’t believe it’s getting HARDER with just a few days left. Anywhoodle. The heavily tattooed girl that sits in front of me asked professor hottie what she should do if she didn’t have a calculator. Apparently she doesn’t realize you can buy them at your neighborhood Shell station these days. Racist woman turns around and says, “You need a calcalator? You can ‘borrie’ mine if’n you need one. I got an extrie calcalator yer welcome to borrie”. SERIOUSLY? BORRIE? Spell the word out you dumb cunt. B-O-R-R-O-W. There’s no “e” at the end, no “ie”, not even a sometimes “y”. Borrie? FOR REAL?

I wasn’t expecting much yesterday when I picked the bug up from daycare. I ACTUALLY expected to be snubbed on the playground, given how our morning went. I was so pleasantly surprised when I walked into his class room and he threw his books across the room (in a VERY happy, not angry, manner) and squealed, “DAAAAADEEEEEEE” while running up to me to hug my leg and give me “kith kith” on the forehead. He even said, “I of ewe daaaadeeee”.

I was thinking about my favorite Christmas carol last night. I think its “O Holy Night”. But I haven’t heard the Gaiken Christmas album everyone is talking about, so that may change.


Walt said...

Well, if I need to borrie a extrie calcalator, I know where to go. I can't top this, but FrankenKlinger, being the professional that she is, used "supposably" while talking to the family of a deceased pensioner today. She's class all the way.

Nessa said...

O Holy Night by Bing Crosby is my absolute favorite. It makes me cry the first time I hear it every year.

Sounds like school was a sucess for Nate :)

Kay said...

My fav is O Holy Night. LOVES IT.

Umm...I want to borrie your Twisted Sister Christmas carols. Burn me a cd!