Monday, December 22, 2008

December Challenge Day 22

For some bizarre reason, between 10 pm last night and 515 this morning my SIM card in my cell phone fried itself, dead. This now makes two days in a week’s time that I’ve not had my cell phone with me during the day. I cannot believe how lost I feel without the damn thing. I am a crack whore and, apparently, my cell phone is my crack. I was in a cold sweat the better part of the day.

If I never see the inside of another Target in my lifetime it’ll be too soon. Yes, I filled up the tank so I could make yet ANOTHER trip to my local Target. I swear one of these days I’m going to win a door prize for being the one millionth customer or something.

We have been super busy tonight getting our house in tip-top shape for the “big day” on Thursday. I plan on videotaping the wrapping paper massacre that’s sure to take place after the kids toss their gifts from the jolly fat man aside. Perhaps that’ll even be my blog-o-the-day post on Christmas day. I KNOW you’re dying to hear me scream at my children on film.

In preparation we cleaned up our dog’s bedroom. She has completely torn that shit up. I don’t know what she was looking for in there, but she tore that shit up. FOR REAL, she tore that shit up. Jed did a bang up job cleaning up her room (for his mommy, who is coming to our casa for the Christmas carnage)…but he brought PILES AND PILES of “stuff” into the living room (which I was supposed to be cleaning) to sort through. He basically cleaned his room by messing up mine! Ain’t that love? Don’t answer. It was rhetorical.

The good news about Jed doing a through cleaning of Sam’s room was that he found tons and tons of paper products that I could just recycle. IE: Time Warner bills from 2006. Since we haven’t HAD Time Warner SINCE 2006 I felt it was a safe recycle. It feels GREAT purging that much stuff.

I’ve decided that after the boys have their fun tearing up my freshly cleaned house on Thursday that I’m going to have them each fill up a (large) box of old(er) toys to get rid of before they’re allowed to open any of their new stuff. Call me Scrooge, call me a dick. Call me what you want, but I prefer practical.

I gotta get to sleep. I’m exhausted. The next 2 days are going to be INSANELY crazy for me. Happy Monday, yo. For real.

P.S. Sean, you sure got some real pretty handwriting.


Breenlantern said...

really? cuz I hate my hand writing. goes with the whole low self esteem thing i suppose. but glad you liked it. please like me. please. i'll do anything.