Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December Challenge Day 10


So those of you following me on the Twitters are aware that one of my crowns fell off on Sunday evening. I was lucky enough to catch it and washed it off good and scrubbed my stub of a tooth left in my mouth and popped it back on. I had planned on calling the dentist on Monday to have it recemented in place.

Monday was busy. I never got around to making the call. Between studying for my brutal math test and filling out the 380-some odd Christmas cards I had to send out, I just didn’t have the time. I planned to call on Tuesday.

Tuesday was equally busy. As I was mid-dial, I got a pop up notification on my phone reminding me of an appointment I had with Nate’s speech therapist. So I had to do that instead. While back in my office eating my Church’s fried chicken for lunch, my crown popped off again. I went to the bathroom, brushed it off, rinsed my mouth, and plopped the crown back in place. I said in my head that I would call on Wednesday.

I got home from work and made dinner for the fam. We were having one of my personal favorites, Sloppy (F)reddy’s with steak fries. Dinner done, sat down and did “Yaaaay family” with the kids. I took a bite of my sammich, washed it down with some fries. I stuck another bite in and noticed something didn’t feel right. I’ll be go to hell if I didn’t swallow my fucking crown. It was gone. Nowhere to be found in my mouth.

Jed looked at me and asked what was wrong. I told him I had just swallowed my crown. He asked if I was okay. I said that I was. But then I had dollar signs running through my head. I didn’t want to have to pay $2000 for another crown. Not this close to the holidays. And so I weighed my options.

Jed asked if it would come out with my poop. And I said that it would. But I asked, “Do I really want to stick a crown back in my mouth that came out my ass”? And he said, “You could boil it in hot water first”. And I thought, “Huh. He’s right”.

But that was just a little too much for me. I’m cheap, and I hate going to the dentist with all my heart and soul, but my cheapness only goes so far. AND, sometimes I get lucky and I get “the cute” dentist at my local dental barn.

I decided the best course of action would be to get it back immediately rather than waiting for it come out my bunghole. I went in the bathroom and grabbed a bucket. I certainly didn’t want to throw my crown up in the toilet and then have to flush it out of there. Coming out my asshole would have been cleaner. So down on the floor I started shoving my fingers down my throat trying to induce vomiting. After a few heavy heaves, I only amassed a few blobs of spittle. More drastic measures were needed.

I ran up to my local Walgreen’s and picked me up a jar of ipecac syrup. That shit’s tasty, yo. For real. Back in the bathroom I took a good tablespoon and a half. It was slightly more than required by label, but I had 40 minutes to get to school. After taking the dose, I re-read the label and it said, “If vomiting doesn’t occur within 30 minutes, call physician”. SHIT! I DIDN’T HAVE 30 MINUTES. I had to be to school in 40.

So I grabbed my bucket again and went in the bedroom, locked the door, and got horizontal on the bed on my stomach with my head hanging over the bed. And I proceeded to induce vomiting the Karen Carpenter way, by shoving my balled up fist down my throat.

I learned some things last night:
· I’m so cheap that I would rather vomit a crown to have re-cemented in my mouth than pay $2000 for a new one.
· I’m fear dentist…but it didn’t take the experience to realize that.
· I could never be a bulimic.
· My gag reflex isn’t nearly as shallow as I thought.
· Syrup of ipecac is actually quite tasty going down.
· “Last down” doesn’t mean “first up”.
· Church’s chicken remains in your stomach longer than 6 hours.
· I REALLY need to chew up my food better instead of swallowing large pieces.
· The spicy coating on Church’s chicken burns the fuck out of your sinus cavity when it is projected upwards at a high velocity.
· LONG after you vomit everything in your stomach, your crown STILL may not have come back up.
· If you ARE going to be bulimic, it’s a good idea to have a towel at your side, because when your fingers get coated with vomit and become slippery, it’s harder to hit that gag reflex when you’re fingers are sliding around.
· Dentist’s offices aren’t open after 5.
· Dogs will it ANYTHING.

So I never got the crown back. Not that I could see anyway. Now I’m waiting for Jed to make my morning coffee so I can run to the toilet and see what comes out that end. And then I’m going to work and calling my dental barn to see if I can get in this morning to spend the boy’s Christmas gift money on my mouth.

Brush your teeth, folks. And don’t forget to floss.

Side note: For those who don’t already know, I netted my first A of the semester in my English Comp II class. The boy is pretty AND smart…and kind write, too. Final tonight in Algebra…I won’t need much luck on it, cuz I’m the smartest geezer in the class…and I’m not just saying that because of my large ego. Professor hottie actually TOLD me so.


Breenlantern said...

Despite your warning I was compelled to read anyway. I didn't focus on the gross. I zeroed in on the desparation, the willingness to put yourself through this because of the exorbitant cost. It sucks that you felt the need to do this. Sorry man!!!

Fairy Princess Holly said...

FYI, I love you! You seriously have no filter, no shame, and I adore you all the more for it!

Bjorn said...

I love you. The lack of dignity is great. It took three tries for you to realize that the crown might get eaten and then it did. HUG!!

This is disgusting but the funniest thing I have read in awhile. Thanks.

Nice to know your gag reflex isn't t hat shallow.

Kay said...

O.M.G. Chew your food better! And even with the typo I still understood that "dogs will eat anything". Excuse me while I prepare their dinner. RRRRRRAAAAALLLLLPH!!!

Walt said...

If it's any comfort, I just got a new crown cemented in my mouth this morning. It hurts like fuck, too. The first one I got was on a tooth that had a root canal. This tooth still has the roots intact. Who the fuck knew it would hurt so damn much? And I just got used to the temporary. Now that real one is in and my bite is slightly off. I don't want to relearn that again.

So, did you poop it out yet?

Nessa said...

congrats on your A

Michael in Stuttgart said...

Lol - oh dear :) The most shocking detail was the price of a crown in the US. 2000 Dollars - wow. I should move my office to America!

Actually swallowing crowns happens very often. We offer our clients examination gloves, a newspaper :) and an appointment the next day.

You were lucky that the crown did not end up in your lung. If this happens you need to see a surgeon to have it removed.

Thumbs up for the A!

Kevin in Danbury said...

In the Immoral words of Big Fatty


RambleRedhead said...

You are truly brilliant and always willing to tell it like it is! I am so sorry you had to go through all of that and hope it comes out in the end!