Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December Challenge Day 3.1

The boy becomes:
When I met Jed 9 years ago he was a 24 year old boy. Today’s his 34 year old man. Yes, I realize the math doesn’t work out…but I met him 2 weeks before his 25th birthday, so he WAS 24 NINE years ago! It’s been a great pleasure to watch him grow into the man he has become.

Happy birthday boo.

This was us way back then. We've all put on a bit of weight...even Roscoe!


Nessa said...

Happy Birthday Jed!

Kay said...

Jed was a hottie then and he's a hottie now.

Skeeter was so skinny back then!

Walt said...

Wow. Jed keeps getting hotter and hotter with age.