Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Debbie Downer

I feel like something is wrong with me this morning. Why am I not as elated as the rest of my Twitter friends/MySpace friends/Podcasting Community friends/IRL friends? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not disappointed that Barrack Obama won the election last night. I’m thrilled. But everyone is saying “YES WE DID”…when, in fact, we didn’t. All we did yesterday was elect a great man to the highest office in the land. But everyone, ESPECIALLY you queer ones, seem to have lost sight of the bigger picture.

As of this morning there are now TWENTY NINE states with constitutional amendments “defining marriage”. And most likely, by the end of the day there will be thirty. What’s more, in Arkansas, the people have spoken and have said that straight people make better parents than gay parents. Do you think that’s something to celebrate?

Perhaps in another 221 years there will be another momentous occasion worth celebrating. But for now, all of us faggots are still second class citizens. And nothing more.


Fairy Princess Holly said...

I agree. It's incredibly sad and completely wrong that gays don't have equal marriage rights. I'm hopeful for the future that it won't continue to be legal to discriminate against gays. That being said....yay Barack! :)

RambleRedhead said...

Can't agree more - my hope is that despite the losses the GLBT community has to deal with one more time - I hope that Obama's amazing victory will show that it can happen and we ALL need to work together to get it done!!

Nessa said...

Oh Phreddy, I have been in tears all day. I wanted so badly for Prop 8 to fail. My heart hurts that my state is full of hateful people. I wish there was something I could say to make it change. I honestly felt my vote was loud and clear.

Southern Boy said...

Uh, amen. As you well know. And it's day two of the "morning after," and my enthusiasm is still near the bottom.
I would love to see the next Administration and Congress tackle this issue...but I really don't think they will. It's going to take a massive sea change somewhere for our idiotic national government to get it into its head that allowing "some states" (increasingly more, it seems) to enshrine discrimination makes this not a states issue but a national one.
I am very hopeful that, by early 2009, we have tackled DOMA, DADT and ENDA. Maybe in one fell swoop. I'd even be happy if DOMA somehow led to the enactment of national civil union status. That's a baby step on a national level I could believe in.

But, for now, nope. Just not excited.