Friday, November 7, 2008

How my four year old turned me into a big ol’ puddle of mush this morning

Since we’ve had a very good week at home and school this week, I decided to treat the kid to a trip to my favorite neighborhood coffee shop this morning for some joe for me and some candy for him. Don’t judge me for given the kid candy for breakfast. In the car on the way to Genuine Joe’s, Adrian initiated a completely unsolicited conversation.

“Daddy. One day, when I get big, I going to go to Hook ‘em horns college.”

“Really”, I say, “that’s fantastic.”

“Yeah. And I going to not live in our house anymore. I going to live at college.”

“Oh Adrian. I hope not. That would make daddy very sad if you left me.”

“Daddy, don’t worry. Even if I go to school at Hook ‘em horns, I’m still going to be your baby.”

I swear to god I couldn’t turn to look at him at that moment. He completely reduced me to a sobbing fool with one simple sentence.

He then asked me, “Is that okay if I’m still your baby?”

Yes, Adrian. You’ll ALWAYS be my little boy.

I write this now so that I’ll be able to look back at it when he’s fifteen and has stolen my Jeep and goes all Thelma and Louise on me with the guy or girl he chooses to love at that moment. I want to remember then how sweet he is today. THESE conversations, y’all, are the ones that make being a parent worth every single second of losing your life completely.


Anonymous said...

You done got me all mushy too.

Nessa said...

Aww Adrian is so sweet. It made me tear up a little bit.


Breenlantern said...

I'm going to adopt right this second. but if that child does not start popping out cutesy hallmark sentiments right away, i'm abandoning it on your door step...

Southern Boy said...

Sweet mother of god. Yeah, I'd probably have had to pull over so I could cry.

Lauren said...

You should print out that conversation and hang it somewhere. So when he steels the Jeep for a joyride and you want to rip his brains out, look to the little conversation, remember how much you love him, and take a deep breath. THEN rip his brains out.