Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Once you go Barack, you'll never go back!

Look.  My folks are republicans.  It’s my shameful truth.  Do I hate them for it?  Nah.  Not really.  They do if for the “fiscal conservatism” part of it, not the social conservatism.  The fact that Republicans have spewed so much vitriolic hate towards gays and their families actually repulses my parents.  We’ve had many conversations about “their role” in the hate by voting for the people who support that hate, but it just isn’t worth the arguments.  Mom said to me, during the last Texas election wherein they tried to ban same-sex parent adoptions, “Why can’t those fuckers just stay out of everyone’s business”.  Clueless to the fact that, had she lived in Texas, she would have put those fuckers in office with her vote. 


Nonetheless, I love to rib my parents about their politics every chance I get.  I sent mammy an email this morning.  The “re:” line was (the title of this blog) “Once you go Barack, you’ll never go back”.  It’s my private dig with my folks. 


I called my mom this weekend and left her a voicemail.  When she called me back I said, “Seriously Babs, you need to change your voicemail message.”  She asked why.  I said, “It sounds like your puppy just died.  ‘Hellllloooooo.  This is Babs.  (Sigh) I can’t get to yer call right now, cuz pappy’s in the back 40 diggin’ a hole for Spot.  (Sigh) If you leave me a message (sniff, sigh) I’ll call you back when muh therapy is over.”  I was like, JESUS.  Who wants to leave a message for Debbie Downer?


She called me back a few minutes later, all atwitter.  She asked me to call her back and listen to her new message.  It said, “Hiya.  Do ya mind if I call you Joe-six pack?  I can’t answer yer call right now, doncha know.  Leave me a message and I’ll call ya back when I’m done shootin’ animals from my helicopter.”  It was very cute.  My message was, “Even though your referenced that dumb cunt in your voicemail, (F)reddy still approves the message.”


I’m glad I have folks that I can talk to (like a sailor) about things that matter and that even though our opinions/politics differ (on SO many levels) we can still get along.


Have a great election day folks.  Get out there and vote, regardless of your politics.  Do something that matters.