Friday, November 21, 2008


Tonight after work we’re taking the boys up to the land of Sally Kern and hate and fried food on a stick smothered in gravy. And despite all that I just said, I’m actually really looking forward to it. On Saturday morning I have a day of LONG OVER DUE BEAUTY scheduled with my BFF, Jimmy. Jimmy was my best friend in High School and the only person I’ve trusted with my mop since he graduated from hair school (despite the many “experiments” he performed on my hair during his “learnin’”). I’ve just never really found anyone that I like taming my locks as much as Jimmy. And while he doesn’t cut “guy hair” anymore, he always makes an exception for me when I come to town.

My sister and her family will be coming over to my folks house later in the morning and we’ll be having the family Thanksgiving dinner, rather than waiting for Thursday next week. Following stuffing ourselves like pigs (and the deep frying afterwards) we’re having a bunch of my old Oklahomo friends come over (Jimmy & his boyfriend, Chris and their nephew, Austin; my ex, Steve, and his awesome husband…cuz they’re from California, Danny; my most awesome ex-sister-in-law (Steve’s sister) Shawn and her girlfriend ______ (of the week!). We’re all going to have ANOTHER birthday party for Nate and eat left over turkey dinner and eat some fried pies and cake smothered in Gravy.

The only thing I’m NOT looking forward to is the weather. APPARENTLY it’s only in the 20’s there right now, and that just makes my teeth hurt.

There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with your chosen family. Even IF it has to be in Oklahoma.


Melanie said...

Have a lovely trip and enjoy the time with your family, pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

awwwwww (P)Freddy
Enjoy your trip and let the cold nip at your heels. It will reinforce the memories and not impact your trip that much.
Happy early Turkey day, we're also having a dry run, with a new turkey fryer. Invited 2 dear friends over to make a fabulous Sun evening of it.
Gobble Gobbble.


Brian in Danbury

Nessa said...

Have a safe trip my darlings! I hope you enjoy your time with the family! Love you!

johnmichael42003 said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
Yum to the fried foods.
I also trust very few people with my hair, not that I do anything stylish, I just trust very few people to put their fingers in it and take scissors to it.